Marketing minerals is controversial because they are solid, naturally occurring chemical substances with structures that are highly organized atomically. They also have very specific physical properties, and are formed through biochemical processes. Though they may look like rocks to the untrained eye, minerals differ from rocks substantially in that they have only one specific chemical composition, while rocks are a mix of many kinds of minerals or mineralogists. Minerals are a critical commodity to many industries following their mining and processing and form a material input to chemicals manufacturing, metallurgy, building materials manufacturing, electrical grid infrastructure, electronics, glass products, vehicles, and high-technology. Rare earth minerals or rare earth elements are particularly crucial to numerous energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.  

Marketing minerals

Marketing minerals is essential to our business because it connects our mines,local suppliers and costumers together. As a responsible supplier,we have own Quality Control Team and Analysis Unit In order to ensure the quality and keep the promise to the customers, we provides the whole processing monitor solution, our assigned Inspector will spot-check the product regularly and randomly during the production from the beginning to the final packaging stage and finally, with years of experience in marketing minerals, Rasa Mining Group can provide the various Package Solutions to customers in order to keep our product safe through the transportation.

Our marketing team work closely with our customers to meet their raw material needs and offer optimum technical support, logistics solutions and great customer service.

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