About us

We are an Iranian mining company . What we do is discovering, mining, operating and marketing minerals, focusing on manganese, gold, barite and fluorine. Above all we firmly believe that if minerals are available for anyone who wants to use them in order to ease the life in our planet, bright future for human being would not be a dream anymore, it would evolve into a plan.

Iranian mining company

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Minerals can be found throughout the world in the earth’s crust. However They are usually in such small amounts that they not worth extracting. Only with the help of certain geological processes are minerals concentrated into economically viable deposits.

As a consequence The location and shape of the deposit, ore grade,and current market price are some of the determining factors for an Iranian mining company to select which mining method to use.


Iranian mining company
There is a variety of minerals in  the middle east. Consequently Iranian mining companies are expert in discovering minerals. An important part of our job is to detect and analyze the electric and Magnetic fields. Those datum led us to important information about reservoirs.


Iranian mining company
Mining is one of the oldest jobs in the world. We have always needed tools to ease our life. many of those tools are made by minerals. We dig the ground and extract row material which is necessary for our modern life.


Iranian mining company
Rasa Mining Group provides wide range of minerals. We are one of greatest manganese suppliers in middle east. We are extracting and marketing Barite and fluorine as well.

Our products

Minerals are solid, naturally occurring chemical substances with structures that are highly organized atomically. They also have very specific physical properties, and are formed through biochemical processes.

Rasa Mining Group as an Iranian mining company work closely with our customers. Our purpose is to meet their raw material needs and offer optimum technical support, logistics solutions and great customer service.

Our projects

The share of global mining projects that advanced to the next stage of development has decreased from 3.8% in Q4 2019 to 2.8% in Q1 2020, and is expected to slow further in Q2 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a new report by energy research company GlobalData.

Iranian mining company